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Our curriculum is an integrated approach of Montessori Method, STREAM, Thematic learning and KSPK syllabus. With this combination approach, we support their development and learning in ways such as: Helping children make sense of what they are being taught. They are able to retain more information and relate to real-world experiences. They become active seekers of knowledge....


Enrichment Class

1.Extends beyond the subjects that are taught in schools such as learning a foreign language, music, drama, art and sports 2.Help the child explore learning in a fun and interactive manner 3.Improves self-confidence 4.Enhancing and upgrading themselves for their future 1.超越学校所教导的科目,例如外语,音乐,戏剧,艺术和体育 2.帮助孩子以有趣与互动的方式探索事物 3.提高自信心 4.提升自我价值


Tuition Academy

1.An extra guidance which will complement the school syllabus 依据学校课程,针对性教导 2.Small group coaching 小班制 3.Latest syallabus and exam (KSSR, SEMAKAN, KBAT, HOTS) 最新教学与考试格式



1."Halal Friendly Food" with balance diet in mind 2.Homework coaching 1. 清真食品,均衡饮食 2. 作业指导

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