Project Description

Pre School

Our curriculum is an integrated approach of Montessori Method, STREAM, Thematic learning and KSPK syllabus. With this combination approach, we support their development and learning in ways such as:

Helping children make sense of what they are being taught. They are able to retain more information and relate to real-world experiences. They become active seekers of knowledge.

Content areas are integrated and not made to stand alone. This increases positive engagement with the whole brain as learning is active with hands-on involvement.

Our approach is progression of quality of the care and education that children receive which ultimately improve outcomes for children.

Our curriculum integrates order, concentration and independence.

We believe that this education approach provides a critical foundation for lifelong progress, not just merely preparing them for primary education. We value each child as unique individuals.

We want to build holistic individuals as children develop and learn at a rapid pace in their early years.

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