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YB Lim Lip Eng visitation


YB Lim Lip Eng visitation It's our honour to have YB Lim Lip Eng visited our PTCM Skills Academy yesterday. Thank you YB for coming! His visit also brought some good news to our students. We hope younger generation in Kepong will benefit from it & strive for a better future in this community.

YB Lim Lip Eng visitation2019-03-15T04:01:58+08:00

Kepong Carnival PTCM (Hari Wanita Parlimen Kepong 2019)


Kepong Carnival. Thank you for the opportunity to support in the Kepong Carnival : Hari Wanita Parlimen Kepong 2019. Happy to meet all citizen of Kepong, from young to senior, and wish you all fruitful from our Demo from Dr Christine and Mr Danny. And also thanks to those who visited our booth. So don't forget to visit us and enjoy our services at PTCM, Kepong. Hope to see you all again

Kepong Carnival PTCM (Hari Wanita Parlimen Kepong 2019)2019-03-14T17:22:26+08:00

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